My name is Helen and I'm a Product Designer. I currently work @Shopify and mentor designers @Bloc.

I split my spare time among a few hobbies: weightlifting, travelling, stalking stand-up comedians and reading. Sometimes I bake really fancy french treats; Redditors love them.

This blog is mostly about tech, design, start-ups and my thoughts on life. It may not be interesting, although, this one time I went viral for a couple of days. That was intense.

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From the Desk of the Politely Angry

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I sat in the audience while someone stood in front of me using sex and women as punchlines in his talk. Throughout the hour, he flashed hentai images, a gif of a monkey masturbating, and stopped scrubbing a video on a frame of a woman to remark, “Nice rack.” All this while littering his talk with dick jokes and an explanation of a conceptual video which centered around the idea of the domination of a...

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